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The Anoa kitchen & service team, is an international group of people, filled with enthusiasm,  creativity, and the love and passion for hospitality.

A combination of a Chef from Germany, a Sous-Chef from Austria,  kitchen staff from Ukraine, Germany and Spain, will surprise your senses with their passion for cooking with natural and fresh ingredients.

All coming from different countries results in your experience of the most amazing dishes, and some classics - but always with a twist!

Once you'll meet our service team, that's also a mix from different countries - Ukraine, Bulgaria, Spain, Belgium, and Holland - we'll

show you that where ever you are from, with the right positive vibes, we can only lift each other up on a higher level. 

Our whole team will try to do everything to make you feel welcome, enjoy your night with friends and family, and make you feel at home with us!

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On the 23rd of June 2013 ANOA opened its doors for the very first time. Since that first day Ronald worked at ANOA. Starting as barman, then in service and finally as the Manager. In 2019 we got the opportunity to buy the ANOA from its previous owner.

The respective contracts were signed in December 2019, and on the 1st of January 2020 we were the proud owners of that beautiful restaurant in Santanyi.

Most of our staff work at ANOA since day 1 and stayed with us since then. We made some major changes to make the ANOA more “us”, and from our point of view - we did well. Now it feels like a warm space with a generous interior area, a cosy patio and a big sunny terrace outside.

We are both very passionate about meeting new people, making sure that our guests enjoy a beautiful night out. We believe in good vibes, work hard, play hard, and the love that creates a place where every one feels most welcome.

Whenever possible we work with local products, veggies, meat and fish - and of course the best Majorcan wines.

We look forward to meeting you at our ANOA and celebrate one these nights together.


Ronald & Chantal

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